15 January

Taka Taka


Flags are flagging !!! From PIRATES to DICTATORS to LGBTQAI++

Flag is identity. What am I am "flagging" for?

Taka Taka identifies as a professional drag-thing which functions as art director for the House of Hopelezz – winners of the 2019 Superball best drag queen house. Taka Taka is a sister for others, a mother of the drag king house of Løstbois, and proud daughter of Jenifer Hopelezz. Taka Taka organizes weekly queer parties (CLUB CHURCH) by including political and gender asylum seekers, friends with the virus, misfits, and party monsters. Taka Taka sees life through the lens of Dragctivism (MFA Dutch Art Institute, 2017) by practicing para- educational strategies for the marginal LGBTQIA ++ community. Taka Taka works closely with AIDS Fonds by applying dragtivism as an entertainment method in order to end the epidemic and stigma around it.