11 March

Joke Robaard


I am as if Colourless

A whole gradation of nuances and twinklings can be found in words, that express ‘faded’, ‘muffled’, ‘grey’, ‘grizzled’, ‘bright’ or ‘screaming’ colors. When Vilém Flusser states that colors ‘are how we perceive surfaces, which are becoming progressively the bearers of meaning’, let’s then cross the whole field of color dominance (‘Red is black’, Comme des Garcons 1988) towards the notion of ‘becoming imperceptible’ of Gilles Deleuze, who proposed ‘the Pink Panther who imitates nothing, reproduces nothing, but instead paints the world in its color, pink on pink’) What then does it mean, being colorless? A disqualification, an insult or the perfect state of being? Why is a male bird so colorful, a female so neutral?

Joke Robaard (1953) is an artist/researcher and archivist, Amsterdam. Together with art historian Camiel van Winkel she developed the book Assemblage; Bodies, Habits, Practices, which is released in 2018 by Valiz publishers. Recent video projects are Small Things That Can be Lined Up (2016), Domino/A (São Paolo, 2017) Domino/B (Club Solo, Breda, 2018). Joke Robaard lives and works in Amsterdam.