15 January

David Batchelor


When is Colour?

David Batchelor is a London-based artist and writer who has been working with colour for over 25 years. In this talk he will discuss his work as a response to the colours of the modern city, and to the embedded prejudices about colour in the West, in which it is often derided as superficial, cosmetic, feminine, oriental, infantile or kitsch.

For over twenty-five years David Batchelor has been concerned with our experience of colour within the modern urban environment. His work comprises three-dimensional constructions, installations, drawing, painting, photographs and animations. He has exhibited widely in the UK, continental Europe, the Americas and, more recently, the Middle East and Asia. Batchelor has also written a number of books and essays on colour theory: Chromophobia, (2000); The Luminous and the Grey, (2014); Colour, (2008); Found Monochromes: vol.1, 1-250, (2010); The October Colouring-In Book (2015). Recent exhibitions include My Own Private Bauhaus, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh (2019), Chromatology, Ab-Anbar Gallery, Tehran (2017); Monochrome Archive 1997-2015, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2015); Flatlands, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh and Spike Island, Bristol (2013-14); Light Show (2013-16), Hayward Gallery, London.